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  • Ouyang Yu, now based in Melbourne, came to Australia in early 1991 and, by July 2019, has published 112 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, literary translation and literary criticism in the English and Chinese languages. He also edits Australia’s only Chinese literary journal, Otherland(since late 1996). His noted books include his award-winning novels, The Eastern Slope Chronicle(2002) and The English Class(2010), his collections of poetry, Songs of the Last Chinese Poet(1997), New and Selected Poems(Salt Publishing, 2004) and The Kingsbury Tales: A Complete Collection(2012), his translations in Chinese, The Female Eunuch(1991), The Ancestor Game(1996), The Man Who Loved Children(1998, new... Read More

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20 Nov 2019
《死了吗》   找诗的时候 看到这个题目 后面却是雪白的空 早已想不起写这个题目的初衷 仿佛一首没有诞生的诗 提前死了胎   诗死了就算了呗 只要人还活着 那太阳月亮还会东升西落 那就还有机会更穷 更老,更不堪回首月明中 更不死不活地睁着眼   但是遇到美女约诗 而且还答应了怎能不写呢 看到这个题目后 想把它救活...
20 Nov 2019
《女儿》   把我惹怒了 我去阳台 抽了根衣架揍她 她很利索往床上一趴 两下就给她打哭了 我说既然怕挨打 动作还这么快干啥 她声音高了八度:   我是想让你快点打完 别耽误我玩啊……