4 new translations, out now. please make purchases

Four Chinese poetry books in my English translation, in a Chinese-English bilingual edition, published by Puncher & Wattmann, are out in both China and Australia now. They are To Practice the Rhythms by Shu Cai (205 pages), I Live Alone by Lu Ye (262 pages), Dangling by Yang Xie (269 pages) and On Low Ground, Lower Ground by Long Quan (298 pages).

My translation of these poems took years to complete and, before they were published in these collections, they had been widely published in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, in magazines such as Cordite, Westerly, Southerly, Landfall, Descant, and lots more.

Shu Cai’s collection contains 35 poems in English translation and 35 original poems; Long Quan’s collection contains 120 poems, with both English translations and Chinese originals; Lu Ye’s collection has 64 poems, in both Chinese and English and Yang Xie’s collection has 72 poems in both languages.

All these are living poets and living poems, of contemporary Chinese lives, ranging from the rural to the urban, from the Cultural Revolution to the far-flung corners of China, from love to loss of love, poignant, dark, hilarious, solitary, heart-breaking and mind-blowing.

You are definitely going to miss out if you don’t get a copy. You need to read the new stuff instead of getting stuck on the old. Find me and find poetry.

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