Michael came

yesterday with Andy, at lunch time. We had lunch together, then moved to Wenhui 141 for coffee, where I bought coffee or orange juice for Michael, Andy, Xiaojin, Man Chen and Jade Lu.

Afterwards, Man Chen took us bar Xiaojin to Zuibaichi or Drunken White Pond, which I jokingly referred to as Drunken White Pound or even Drunken White Porm. But it’s a lovely place with straight tall trees thrusting right into the sky and tulips like fat lips.

We lingered and read poems. No audience. The trees, the pond, the flowers and occasional passersby were audiences.

Afterwards, at about 4.30, Man Chen took us in his car to a place called那個店, where we had dinner, with more friends invited, including Gu Tong (Ancient Bronze), Zhang Meng, who was a cab-driver before he was a poet, and Zhou Shuping, a translation postgraduate student I taught last year.

When I got back, things had piled up.

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