My new book out

我的英汉双语新诗集:Flag of Permanent Defeat(《永败之旗》),即将由澳大利亚的Puncher & Wattmann出版社正式出版。全集共有207首诗,以英汉双语混合而成,中国或澳洲诗歌史上几无先例,是我自1982年以来长期进行实验诗歌创作的一个总集合。有兴趣购买者请找我。

News today. My new book, of bilingual Chinese and English poetry, is coming out shortly, with Puncher & Wattmann. Titled, Flag of Permanent Defeat, my most experimental collection to date, this one contains 207 poems (I’ve just finger-counted them), written in a mixture of the Chinese and the English languages. Contact me for a signed copy if interested。

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